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    FI Growth understands the delicate balance between growth and risk and planning and success.
    With each client we plan to the end – not based on our model – but on your expectations, resources and limitations.

Financial Institution Growth LLC

What We Do

FI Growth works directly with select commercial banks to introduce, analyze, plan and approve loan programs. The bank engages with the Voya Senior Loan Group to establish and manage a customized, diversified portfolio of senior secured loans. This high touch program provides substantial initial and ongoing support for banks to manage these portfolios by accessing the decades of experience and market-wide reach of Voya.

Voya Senior Loan Advisory Program

The Voya Senior Loan Group is one of the most experienced managers in the Senior Secured Loan asset class, currently managing $26+ billion of loan assets as of 12/31/18. Voya manages multiple corporate loan portfolios for a diversified global investor base of active institutional and retail clients in over 25 countries. The group is one of the largest and most experienced teams dedicated to leveraged loans with 55 team members including 26 investment professionals. The group is solely dedicated to the senior/leveraged loan asset class.

Now commercial banks can access this asset class as well as the Voya Senior Loan Group risk management expertise through the Voya Senior Loan Advisory Program.

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FI Growth is the exclusive Solicitor to commercial banks for the Voya Senior Loan Advisory Program. Financial Institution Growth LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser (Utah). In addition to acting as Voya’s solicitor, we work with commercial banks nationwide who are looking to:

  • build quality earning assets in several asset classes
  • broaden their deposit base with stable, lower cost deposits
  • add passive equity capital

A particular focus for FIG commercial bank clients is the establishment of senior secured loan portfolios through a high-touch partnership with the Voya Senior Loan Group.

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Our Team

We are highly experienced commercial bankers. We deliver experience and education based services founded on disciplined risk management principles.





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